Hi there, This is Satnam Singh, the man behind Handy Shout. This success achieved by this blog was not easy at all. It took a lot to get here. Read the full story of Handy shout below to Get Inspired!

The Story behind Handy Shout

There is saying that it all begins with a dream. The same happened to me. I wanted to earn money online. I started trying in 2015 but kept failing again and again. From paid surveys to URL shorteners, from online jobs to starting an eCommerce store I tried all. I almost gave up on these online ways to make money and tried to focus on my studies and a 9-5 job but that too did not happen.

During this failure period, I tried my luck in blogging too. I used free blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress but failed to get traffic. After all of this, I decided to put some money in eCommerce as drop shipping was a hot topic then. I got some success and was able to make sales of around 33 Canadian dollars but then the same happened. It stopped working.

In 2020, I decided to give another try to blogging. That’s how Handy Shout gets into existence. It took me a lot of failures to get here. To share what I have learned from all this and earn some money I started this blog. I try to cover as multiple topics so that I can add value to as many people’s lives as I can.
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What did I learn?

After a lot of failures, I started this blog in the hope of success. There are a lot but I have learned but some things I like to share some important facts that might help you in life

  • Never Give Up
  • Success doesn’t have shortcuts
  • Even if it has they work for a small-time only
  • Work hard instead of testing luck

I hope you like my content on Handy Shout. Feel free to contact if you have any concerns regarding this blog.