GoDaddy One Dollar Hosting Review

GoDaddy One Dollar Hosting Review

GoDaddy is the most famous domain name registrar in the world probably the best in this category. From few years, Godaddy started providing hosting solutions. To push their hosting service GoDaddy is proposing a number of promotional offers. Godaddy’s one dollar hosting package is one of them. In this package, Godaddy offers one-year of hosting with free domain only for $12.99 which seems quite cheap and reasonable but wait, Godaddy one dollar hosting package is not as good as you think. Let’s take a look!

What is Godaddy One dollar hosting?

As it sounds from the name, Godaddy One dollar hosting is a promotional plan offered by Godaddy with the base price of $1 per month. Yes, you only need $12.99 for a fully working website using Godaddy hosting. You get a free domain with this plan for one year. There are two types of plans with a price of $1 per month.

Two types of plans(GoDaddy One Dollar Hosting Review)

Two types of hosting Plans



Cpanel Hosting

Best for a basic site

1 website

Unmetered bandwidth 

100 GB storage

Free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email – 1st year 

Free domain with annual plan 

Full Cpanel Power


Managed WordPress

1 website

30 GB storage 

Ideal for up to 25K monthly visitors 

Free business email – 1st year 

Website backup protection with 1-click restore 

Free domain 

Automatic daily malware scans 

  • Cpanel Hosting – The Cpanel one gives you full power to utilize the hosting through Cpanel GUI. You can even install WordPress on it by yourself. It has all the features any hosting provides.
  • Managed WordPress – On the other hand in the Managed WordPress hosting plan you have access to WordPress and SFTP only. PHPMyAdmin and file manager is also available in managed WordPress hosting

Pros of one dollar hosting

Cheapest – The first and foremost benefit for using Godaddy one dollar hosting is obviously price. No other hosting provider is going to give you a one-year hosting plan just for $12.99. It is the cheapest price ever given by a top and trustworthy company.

Free Domain – Besides providing the cheapest hosting Godaddy offers a free domain which is just unbelievable with their one dollar hosting plan. Godaddy also charges you $0.25 ICANN fees for the domain.

Good Support – The support team of Godaddy is really good and always available there whenever you especially the live chat support You can also interact with them using call, and email.

Easy Setup – It is really easy to create an account in both plans. In the managed WordPress hosting Godaddy installs WordPress for you which takes only a few minutes.

Cons of one dollar hosting

Slow website – The sites created using the one dollar hosting plan are bit slower than the other. This can be expected in this price tag.

Limitations – The only 25000 unique visitors to your website per month the big drawback of managed WordPress hosting. On the other hand, there is no such limitation on the Cpanel hosting plan.

No SSL – Even though the GoDaddy provides free domain with hosting but it lacks free SSL with hosting. Unlike other hosting providers Godaddy still busy selling the SSL certificates instead of providing it for free. You have to buy SSL aside from the hosting which costs you extra $12.

Poor CDN – In the Manged WordPress one dollar hosting Godaddy provides CDN which is not worked really well. Cloudflare is a way better option than it.


Keeping both pros and cons in mind Godaddy is not a good choice if you are thinking of WordPress. You can make it workable by making some changes in it. If you don’t have enough money to buy a host such as Bluehost Godaddy can be a choice. Using with Cloudflare, Godaddy’s one dollar hosting works somewhat well. Therefore, you can go for Godaddy if you are looking for cheap solutions.

Godaddy's $1 Hosting


Manged WordPress Plans


Capnel Plan



  • Cheapest
  • Free Domain
  • Good Customer Support
  • Easy Setup


  • Slow website
  • Limitations
  • No SSL
  • Poor CDN

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