Make most from GoDaddy one dollar WordPress hosting

Did you buy the Godaddy one dollar WordPress hosting? if yes, then you might already start facing website speed problem. Don’t worry if you are having this problem, this post will help you to it. This post tells you some tips and tricks with which you can make the most from Godaddy $1 dollar WordPress hosting.

Godaddy no doubt one of the best domain registrars but when it comes to hosting provides it seems not as good as others. You might already feel it.

How to Make Most from GoDaddy one dollar WordPress hosting?

Well, there is not a lot you can do as GoDaddy is your hosting provider. Here are some changes you can make to your WordPress site to make it faster or if not faster as least usable. If you want to stick with Godaddy $1 dollar hosting plan then this guide can be helpful for you. Otherwise, the best you can do is change your hosting to hosting providers like Bluehost. They are faster enough to boost your website and then no need to worry about all these changes.

Use Lightweight Theme

Use Lightweight theme(Make most from GoDaddy one dollar WordPress hosting)

Using a lightweight theme will help a lot to make your GoDaddy hosted site faster. You can find many WordPress themes on the internet that are lightweight means faster in loading. Faster loading also helps you in SEO as Google ranks faster sites higher in search results, as well as users, don’t like to slow loading sites. I highly recommend you use Neve by Themeisle. It is free of cost with premium version but really scored well at the Website Speed Test.

Use Cloudflare CDN

Use Cloudflare(Make most from GoDaddy one dollar WordPress hosting)

Cloudflare is the most reliable and secure option for CDN. Handy shout is using it and it is working really well. It is much better than Godaddy CDN and provides a number of options to optimize your site for higher performance and reduce the pressure on the server. The setting up process of Cloudflare CDN is a little complicated but once it has done it make your website work smoother and faster. You can use the WpBeginner guide to setup Cloudflare for your site.

Disable default Godaddy CDN

Disable Godady CDN(Make most from GoDaddy one dollar WordPress hosting)

When you are done with the setup of Cloudflare CDN then If you are using the Godaddy CDN then disable it. The inbuilt Godaddy CDN is slower and buggy and can cause some unusable results (Due to cache). By default it is enabled you can disable it by following these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Manage my Hosting
  3. Under the Managed WordPress, click on the overview.
  4. Go to settings and toggle the CDN button to turn it off.

Optimize the images

Image optimization (Make most from GoDaddy one dollar WordPress hosting)

Images bring life to content but can act as a speed blocker for your site if they are not optimized properly. From optimization, it means scaling the image and reducing the size according to the need. The smaller the size of the image the faster the server will load it. Thus, it is very important to use an image optimizer on your site. Try SmushIt an award-winning image optimization plugin for WordPress to reduce the response time and make the site faster.

Delete Unused Plugins and Themes

The unused plugins and themes put an unwanted load on the server. Also, they occupy space that can be used for other purposes. Deleting them helps to reduce the usage of memory. Obviously, there is no worth of keeping something you don’t use. You can go to the plugin section and delete them one by one so that you don’t delete the one you needed.


After you are done the above-mentioned changes your website must be faster than before or if it is not checked if you have done all the methods. Otherwise, this is the max Godaddy can give you in the $1 dollar WordPress hosting. If you still want it fast then you should go for another hosting such as Bluehost. If you don’t get anything feels free to tell via comments. Also, if you any other trick or method to make WordPress site faster on GoDaddy you can use the comment section to share it

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