This Photo Wallpaper can destroy your Smartphone

This wallpaper can destroy your phone

Android, the most used OS in smartphones gets into news due to a photo. A photo that if used as wallpaper can crash any android phone and even force a hard reset. Recently there are a lot of videos that got viral on the internet shows the crashing of android smartphones due to a photo wallpaper. A photo wallpaper if used can crash your phone and even factory reset it.

Some people give it a name as Cursed Photo Wallpaper. Samsung and Google Pixel phones seem more vulnerable to many of the videos uploaded by these brand users. Let’s take a look at this photo and know why is it causing this?

What is this Photo wallpaper? Is it cursed?

First of all, let’s take a look at the photo or image below that is causing all these troubles.

This Photo Wallpaper can destroy your smartphone

What do you think? Isn’t it amazing view?

It is not cursed or these is no unrealistic reason behind that is making all android phones crash. It is happening due to some kind of bug or programming error in android.

Why is it causing troubles?

You can see it is just a simple yet beautiful view of sunrise. So why is it causing this unexpected behaviour when used as wallpaper on android? Is there any malware in it?

No, this photo does not contain any malware. It is the same as other images. All this happening is due to colour profile and the colour space or colour standard that is used in android smartphones i.e. sRGB. sRGB(standard Red, Blue and Green) is a colour space that defines the range of colours used to display on the screen of electronic devices. All the colours can be created by mixing Red, Blue and Green thus this RGB stands for respective colours and S if for standard. In sRGB, the colour’s portion is denoted with numbers and the maximum sum of the three colours is 255. Thus, whenever an android smartphone gets an image using colour space other than sRGB it tries to convert it to sRGB.

Two Causes

There are two things that are causing this problem. First of all, the image given above uses a different colour profile that is ProPhoto RGB which means when we try to open it on an android smartphone it has to be converted into sRGB. Now while android tries to convert it, it causes errors. This happens due to some faulty pixels this image is contained. From the faulty pixel, it means those pixels which sum is greater than 255. To make it more clear first take a look at the below picture

This Photo Wallpaper can destroy your smartphone
Youtube : Mrwhosetheboss

As you can see the total of these pixel colours is 254 but android uses a round off method which makes the sum 256.

Thus when someone downloads and opens this image the android starts the process of conversion from ProPhoto RGB to sRGB. It is not possible due to the faulty pixels this image contains(shown in the above picture). Hence cause the error and the process is cancelled by the system. But when we use this image as wallpaper the error keeps repeating and eventually causes phone switch off and factory reset in some cases. All this error happens in the background. There is nothing on the screen that tells this is happening until your phone starts blinking or gets turned off.

If you wanna try just visit this tweet download the image and use as wallpaper. Do it at your own risk!.


For instance, there is nothing the user can do for this error except not downloading or using this image as wallpaper. I hope companies will fix this in updates. If you have an android smartphone then do not download this image and even if you do then do not use it as wallpaper. For more details check our Mrwhosetheboss’s Video about this incident.

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