Top 5 Paid Survey Sites in Canada

Top 5 Paid Survey Sites in Canada

Tired of getting hoaxed by paid survey sites? Don’t worry. Today I will tell you the top 5 paid survey sites that will change your point of view towards paid survey sites. If you signup for all four sites, complete your profile and take some surveys, you are really going to earn some good extra bucks for your time. All these top 5 paid survey sites in Canada sites are personally tried by me before listing here. I already made 250+ dollars from these sites now it’s your turn.

Top 5 paid surveys sites in Canada

Here are the top 5 paid survey sites for Canadians. You can earn some good bucks if you signup for these sites. read the full post to know about the

  1. Web Perspectives
  2. Survey Junkie (Highly Recommended)
  3. Opinion Inn
  4. Ysense
  5. Branded surveys

Web Perspectives

Web Perspective

Web Perspectives is at the top of this list due to two reasons – The number of surveys becomes available each day and customer support. I have made more than $60 from this site within two months but you can make more as this site offers a lot of surveys each day. In some cases, I even made $10 dollars in just two days which is quite a good amount if you are trying to earn with such kind of sites. Each completed survey earns you from 0.50 to 1.5 dollars.

Trustpilot Rating- 4.0

Handy Shout Rating- 4.7

Minimum Payout- 1000 points ($10)

Survey Junkie (Highly Recommended)

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the second most trusted survey site website for Canadians to earn some good amount of money from paid survey sites This site adds $20 dollars in my account till now. This is the site with a really very good reputation among most of the users and the most recommended one. This site offers surveys reward upto 1.30 dollars.

Trustpilot Rating- 4.5

Handy Shout Rating– 4.9

Minimum Payout- 1000 points ($10)

Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn (Top 5 Paid Survey Sites for Canada)

Opinion Inn a new survey site with mixed reviews but it has really appealing signup bonus that is $10 for just signup. Besides this, the survey site offers really high reward per survey that is $2.50-$5 which is incredible as compared to other survey sites.

Trustpilot Rating- N/A

Handy Shout Rating– 4.0

Minimum Payout- $25

Branded Surveys

Branded Survey (Top 5 Paid Survey Sites for Canada)

Branded Surveys is another paid survey with a lot of good reviews from the users. I did not use this site a lot but made $20 from this site so far. Branded Surveys is a bit struggling in reviews as not many people think positive about this site but still a worthy site to join. It has a referral system and four offer walls to maximize the earnings.

Trustpilot Rating- 2.6

Handy Shout Rating- 3.7

Minimum Payout- 1000 points ($10)


ySense (Top 5 Paid Survey Sites for Canada)

Ysense is last in these top 5 paid survey sites in Canada. This site gave me my biggest amount of 150 US dollars. The only reason this site is at number four that it has a high disqualification rate than the other three. It took me a lot more time to reach this much amount. It was famous with Clixsense but recently changed its name. This site offers a number of ways to earn such as offer walls, surveys, tasks. It also has a referral system. The reward prize for each survey is between 0.10 to 1.5 dollars.

Trustpilot Rating- 2.6

Handy Shout Rating- 3.8

Minimum Payout- $10

How to make most from these top 5 paid survey sites?

To make most from these top 5 paid survey sites you don’t have to do something special. Just follow the below-mentioned steps that will help you a lot.

  1. Join all four sites to increase the chances of getting surveys.
  2. Complete the profile immediately after you create an account.
  3. Check Your Email every day whenever you get time.
  4. Take as many surveys as you can and try to follow the Do’s and Don’t s mentioned below.
  5. Keep Patience while whole this process as it takes some time but pays you back if you put time.


Always do these things to keep your connection fair and continue with these sites.

  • Read Questions carefully – This is the first and foremost thing you can do if you are getting disqualified again and again for surveys.
  • Be honest – Being honest is beneficial in most cases in life. It is the same with these sites as they catch you immediately if you are not truthful with your answers.
  • Put Concentration – Always concentrate on the requirement of the question as these survey sites always try to trick you to check whether you are concentrating on the survey or not.
  • Be consistent – Stay on one thing while taking the survey. Never change your opinion throughout the surveys.

Don’t ‘s

If you avoid the following things it will help you to keep your account healthy but in the opposite situation, it can lead to a permanent ban on your account.

  • Don’t lie – Believe me or not but these survey sites use various methods to check if you are really saying truth or not. Just like some kind of lie detection test.
  • Don’t rush – Some people are so desperate to earn money that they try to speed up the earning by rushing. As a result, they get baned.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts – Never try to fool the survey sites by making multiple accounts as these sites use IP based measurement to make sure that each person can have only one account.
  • Don’t use VPN – Sometimes we use VPN for privacy. Keep it off during the survey as it makes your account look suspicious.


Are these sites worth it? Yes, definitely. If these 5 paid survey sites in Canada make me dollars then you can too earn. It is a good way to earn money if you don’t have anything else to do or have some free time. The only way you can know this is by joining all these sites and give them a try. Let me know if you have any questions via comments.

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